OELP keeps all costs at a minimum so the programs are affordable to all.
Tuition for 2-hour classes is $30 per term (generally about 10 weeks). Concession rates are $40 per year.
3-hour classes are $42.50 per term and concession is $50 per year.
1:1 tuition rates are $30 per term with concession rates at $60 per year.
These rates include an administrative fee to cover the cost of administration, photocopying and other costs associated with the training.
The hourly rate for tuition is $1.25 per hour or 25 cents per hour for concession. The student tuition fees as published are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment. Additional fees may apply such as student services and amenities fees.


The benefits of the OELP classes and tutoring programs includes improving your English, improving your spelling, reading and writing, or being prepared for vocational tests for future employment (eg police and nursing).
We offer classes and tutoring at different levels of literacy.
All our classes are accredited courses resulting in a Statement of Attainment for those who successfully complete the course.
This, in turn, enables students to do further study to achieve their goals of employment, more participation in society and confidence in life skills.

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Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure
The Outer Eastern Literacy Program wants to ensure that all tutors and participants in courses conducted by the OELP are satisfied with the course contents, presentation and facilities of the organisation.


The grievance and appeals procedure aims to help resolve issues quickly and appropriately through discussion and negotiation between parties.
If a tutor/student has a grievance and/or appeal, he or she should make every effort to resolve it at an informal level.
If the problem cannot be resolved at this level, the parties should approach the coordinator where discussion will take place to try to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. It is preferable that the complaint/grievance is recorded in writing
If resolution is still not effected the Coordinator should refer the matter to the Committee of Management which should attempt to resolve the matter according to the procedure designated in the Constitution.
All resolutions and reasons for them will be communicated in writing to all parties directly concerned.
If you would like more information about our policies and procedures, please contact the Coordinator on 9762 4211 or email oelp@bigpond.net.au