ESL - English as a second language

The ESL classes are designed for those who are beginners at English through to those with more advanced English skills. At present, these classes are run in Boronia on Mondays and Thursdays of each term.
OELP is registered with AMES to provide English to new arrivals in Australia who are entitled to the free training provided by the Commonwealth government. The classes offered are CSWE (Certificate of Spoken and Written English) certificate levels I, II and III.
These classes are accredited training programs which provide a Statement of Attainment to all those who successfully complete the program. The training runs for a full year.
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CGA - Certificate of General Education for Adults

These classes are for those who need assistance with general literacy at various levels and who have a mild intellectual disability.
This accredited training results in a Statement of Attainment on the successful completion of the program, which runs for a full year.
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Conversation Group

This group is for migrants who want to learn how to speak "Australian' English. It is an opportunity to ask questions about phrases and words you don't understand and to practice your conversation skills in a friendly atmosphere.
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Tutoring Program

The 1:1 tutoring program helps people who have specific literacy issues. The individual training provides the opportunity to have the program tailored to meet the needs of each student.
Students may have issues with English such as spelling, report writing, reading or maths. They may also have specific goals like passing vocational entrance exams (eg police and nursing) and the tutoring can be targeted to help the student prepare for these tests.
Others just want to improve their general literacy and/or numeracy and this can be accommodated as well.
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Volunteer Tutor Program

Training is provided for all volunteer tutors who want to provide assistance to individual students..
The training is free and only requires that you have a commitment to helping others.
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Road Rules

The Road Rules class is held once a year and designed to help people who have literacy problems to obtain their Learners Permit.
The class runs over 10 weeks and is facilitated by an experienced driving instructor.
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