OELP Vision

The OELP envisages a society in which empowered learners, can, by improving their standard of literacy, participate more fully and equitably in the family, the workplace and the community.

Our Mission

To provide, in a community setting, flexible adult literacy and basic education which will enable learners to increase their confidence and skills.


OELP has been providing literacy services to adults in the outer eastern region of Melbourne for about 35 years.
The OELP had its beginnings in 1977 with a group who were in contact with people who were severely handicapped in getting employment through their inadequate literacy skills.
Following a pilot program under the auspices of the CAE, the OELP formed with a committee of management and received funding for courses, administration expenses and the establishment of a resource library.
The OELP originally operated at the Kallista Community House and the Banksia House in Bayswater and later moved to the Boronia Teachers Centre in 1980. OELP later moved to the current venue in the Boronia Library.
OELP is committed to providing learning opportunities to all adults in the community and has a philosophy that no-one will be excluded from the programs on the basis of ethnicity, financial position, intellectual or physical disability.

Sources of Funding

OELP is funded for pre-accredited training by Adult, Community for Further Education (ACFE) and for accredited courses by Skills Victoria Training System (SVTS). Funding is also received for Adult Migrant Education Training (AMEP) students from the Federal government through the Adult Migrant Education Service (AMES), Victoria.
All these organisations require the registration of OELP which attracts audit conditions. OELP was last approved to receive funding from SVTS on 14 February, 2013.

Quality Indicators

A table of the Quality Indicators relating to OELP for 2012 is listed below. These Quality Indicators are provided as part of the registration of OELP with the Victorian Registration and Qualification Authority (VRQA) and they are a measure of volume.

Units of Competency Enrolments/Completions

CSWE I 9/5
CSWE II 43/17
CSWE III 43/17
CGEA Initial 7/0
CGEA Introductory 9/0
Learner Satisfaction Survey
These indicators are based on a survey of 50 students with a 60% response. This sample was taken across OELP's accredited training delivery in the 2012 calendar year. The students surveyed for these indicators were selected by this organisation in accordance with national guidelines.